Training Packages

Based in the heart of England, we offer individual training packages and customise your training programme according to your individual training requirements.

Before a training programme can begin we schedule a free consultation to discuss your kung-fu training goals, your individual needs and to answer any questions you may have about the services we offer. A session can be undertaken both indoors and outdoors. Depending on your requirements, training can be held in a training studio, at home or at your company, with or without equipment, with any equipment needed being supplied by us.

Regardless of your goals and previous training experience, we guide you through your training programme and you will be coached to safe, effective, fun and varied training to help you to achieve your goals.

Individual training

The programme will be developed to fit your individual training goals and requirements. Expert tuition will help you to set as well as to meet your training goals.

In close cooperation, we balance both skill and exercise to get you wherever you want safely and efficiently.

Personal Training Duo

Perhaps you’d prefer to experience kung-fu with a friend, family member or colleague and help each other to achieve your goals.

You still want the unique training experience, tailored to your needs but double the experience and sharing the costs with your training partner.

We help you reach your individual goals but customize the workout to suit you both.

Group Training

Individual training is not for everyone but maybe training with a small group would suit your needs. We offer group training on site in the studio, at your company, at your own home or outdoors in a nearby green area. Get an hour as an individual session or organise regular training sessions to reach your goals together.

Personal Training Home

We want your training experience to be just that, all about you. You decide when and where training takes place so we work together to achieve your kung-fu goals.

We offer professional training at your home. We bring any equipment needed on-site and you only need to be ready and willing to train….and train hard.

Corporate Well-Being

Well-being is not solely limited to the individual and corporate well-being is just as important as personal wellness.

Whether it is team building, focus training or stress management we can build a programme for you and your company to invest in a prosperous staff.

We will come to your company and bring all you need.

On-Line Training

While kung-fu is primarily a physical practice we appreciate that circumstances can at times make this either impractical or simply not possible for our clients.

We are pleased to offer customers an on-line training experience via Skype- ideal for those clients who wish to learn kung-fu but for whom distance or location feels like too much of an obstacle to overcome.

On-line sessions will be structured in a similar way to personal tuition, starting with introducing basic concepts and forms, progressing through each level of the system once the student has demonstrated a clear understanding of the principals and requirements of each stage of their training.

This on-line training is available for both Wing Chun Dynamics Kung-fu and guided practice in Chi Kung.